Monday, 14 November 2016

into the cave

Start Writing here On a hot sunny day there was two best friend that decided to on camp. That same day the two best friend both pack their bag to go camping. they went onto high mountains and at the top of one of the mountains there was a big dark cave and they were talking to each other and both wanted to go into the cave to see what was in the and when the two best friend when into the cave and it took them into a another world to a place where all of the animals called talk. When they arrived at the world where animals called talk there was a little puppy in front of the and that puppy said ‘Hi’. And they were shocked then when they both turned around to go back to the portal to go to the big dark cave the portal just closed when they turned around and the both slept up and when to look for a exit but they both came together and had a little talk and and one of them said the cave we came in was magical and they went to find the exit again and one animals said why are you running so fast for and they both said we are trying to get out of this world . And that same animals said I know the right person to go the king and one of the friend said who the and that animal said the lion is the king they went to the king said yes I do have the key and they both said please can we have the key please we really need to go back so they both did what the said the alfter the king said yes you can have then they got the to open up the port hole and the went and when the got back and said to each other. Next time if we want to go camping we are going to camp in our backyard so we don’t

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