Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The flapping race

Today I walked into the classroom to put my bag aways and I even saw on the whiteboard that mr goodwin wrote on the board that we needed ask for  permission

Somebody rang our class telephone then mr goodwin told us to sit on the mat. mr goodwin said that we were a sport event it was called a flapping race then he sended us group by group and when we entered our classroom on the floor we had sign of our group on the floor we needed to sit  in a lines and in front of every group had a colour paper in front on the my groups colour was pink and we need to stand on the colour paper and on the was colour dots they were the same colour as the paper we where standing on .

Then in the final I was the one who won the finals out of my group name is javascript my prize was two milky bar then after I got my prize mr goodwin told room 10 that the flapping game was a LIE then he showed us the video of the and we were  for no reason.

Mr goodwin told room 10 that he borrowed mr burt broken camera so all we did was stand on colour paper and we were just flapping our ams for no reason.

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